Total Marine

Total Batteries offer a comprehensive range of premium Sealed Maintenance Free, Valve Regulated Lead Acid and Recreational batteries specifically designed to suit demanding and diverse Marine applications. The Total Marine range is tailored to meet applications across the marine market and is the battery of choice for professional marine operators, owners of recreational and leisure craft, and users of a multitude of marine related battery applications.

Total Marine Batteries are available in a number of different designs each specifically manufactured and specified to meet particular Marine applications.

MF Marine

Designed to meet the high cranking starting requirements of modern marine engines. The Maintenance Free Hybrid technology design offers vent plug accessibility for the ongoing maintenance of electrolyte levels to achieve extended battery life. The problem of wave shock and engine vibration in Marine applications has been addressed through a patented “Plate Lock Hot Melt” design process which adds robustness to the internal construction of the battery resulting in extended performance and battery life.

SMF Marine

The Marine range of SMF starting batteries are premium Calcium/Calcium technology and feature unique positive plate tissue design which positions the Total SMF Marine range at the forefront of battery performance and technology.

Patented “Liquid Gas Separators” in the Marine SMF range minimise electrolyte loss meaning there is no need to add water during the life of the battery. The In built ‘Magic Eye’ hydrometer enables visual checking of battery state of charge.

The Total Marine range is ideal for starting applications which require higher cranking (CCA’s) within a sealed battery design, plus the added benefit of Dual Terminal configuration across the SMF M24, M27 and M31 range.


The SMFDCM range of Deep Cycle Dual Purpose batteries are Sealed Maintenance Free Calcium/Calcium design (no need to add water) with inbuilt ceramic disc flame arrestors to protect against accidental battery explosion from an external spark. The Patented liquid gas separator enhances the Maintenance Free characteristics of the battery while the patented Hot Melt adhesive provides excellent anti-vibration protection in demanding applications.

The SMFDCM range of Total Dual Purpose (Starting and Deep cycle) Marine batteries provide solutions for Marine users who are seeking extended hours of cycling and strong starting , through a larger capacity (AH) and higher cranking (CCA) battery.

Marine users can enjoy the benefits of a Sealed Maintenance Free battery design with a Dual Terminal configuration across the SMFDCM 24, 27 and 31 range to connect both starting and accessory power in the one battery.